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A Bold Prediction for Adoptive Families

What does the Berlin Wall have to do with original birth certificates? What should today's Elites learn from history? And my shocking prediction for people...

Random Thankfulness: An Oddball List

Gratitude for random things and people this Thanksgiving. How about you -- what off-the-beaten-path things are you thankful for?

Macaroni Grill’s Summer Uncorked | Enter to win $25 gift card

Half-price wine all day every day for Macaroni Grill's Summer Uncorked. Available through August 25.

Tenacity: What’s a mom to do?

How do we deal with tenacity in our children? Does unwavering tenacity make a person a winner or a loser? Can one be too tenacious...

Mom Memories: Motherhood freakin hurts!

Motherhood hurts. Bigger than a germ but smaller than a breadbox, this potential killer probably lurks under your couch, too.

Mom Memories: The Mom Behind the Mom I Am

I love my Mom's quiet strength. I remember vividly the day I found out we were infertile. She did not probe, suggest, plan, solve, push,...

Listen to your mother! The show comes to Colorado

The nation-wide phenomenon Listen To Your Mother Show comes to Denver and Boulder in time for Mother's Day. Mile High Mama bloggers are well-represented.

It’s good to give to the YMCA

How can you support Colorado's children & families through the YMCA Community Support Campaign? A fitness instructor tells about giving to the Denver YMCA.

What to do about divorce’s unromantic statistic?

Taking on conventional wisdom about the marriage statistic. What are really the odds of success in a marriage?

How do you plan to be happy in 2013?

What will it take to for you to be happy in 2013? What do you value and what would you like to manifest? Can you...