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Dad-isms: Funny things dads say

Does anyone have a Dad who says the same things over and over? I do. So about 20 years ago for my Dad’s birthday, my...

Open Adoption: Does It Get Easier?

An adopting parent asks "Does open adoption get easier?" The answer to navigating ongoing open adoption relationships can be found by asking more questions.

I’m Raising Somebody Else’s Child

After my daughter's birth, I couldn't shake the feeling I was raising another woman's child. Here's the shift in thinking that made all the difference.

Laugh, Cry and Listen to These MileHighMama Mothers

Delicious motherhood vignettes in 4-minute morsels, including 3 Mile High Mamas. The Listen To Your Mother Show in Denver and Boulder, 2013 and 2014.

Check out the toys (literally) at the Smiley Branch’s Toy Library

I’ll confess. My kids used to bring home toys without paying for them. Perhaps I should explain. There is a hidden gem in the northwest...

My parenting strategy: sometimes you’ve gotta be cruel to be kind

If my son forgets to wear a coat on a chilly day, he experiences cold. If my daughter forgets to bring the lunch I pack...

Jerusalem 3D: Don’t Miss this IMAX Event at DMNS

One city. Five thousand years. Three young women as tour guides and one incredible experience. These are some of the numbers that figure into the...

How Not to Be a Stressed Parent & Not Raise a Stressed Kid

Mindful Parenting, a new book by Kristen Race, PhD, reveals the science of mindfulness on the brains of children and moms, and ways to help...

This Mom’s Take on the 2014 Toyota Highlander and What Features You Will Love (Think: Parallel Parking)

What can moms expect from the 2014 Toyota Highlander? How many juice boxes fit in the console? Can the view through the sunroof really keep...

Gimme Shelter: the Movie, the Movement

“There are 750,000 young, pregnant, scared women out there. People don’t realize how many Apples are out there in total crisis.” — Kathy DiFiore, the...