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Sounds like a lot of fun. Food tastes even better when it is FREE!
Jamie Dalton
... likey.
Jamie Johnson
We've all been there sister. I often walk to the top of the stairs only to realize I can't remember why I was going up the stairs.
This is the best "Chili" you will ever try. More like spaghetti, but really good.
I didn't see the part in her post was to why I was dragged to the store in the first place. I was told that there would be thousand parents in the school supply isle and as a result I had to come to battle for my kid's school supplies. What I found at WalMart was MAYBE three parents on four isles and a complely organized store. They even had bins with the different schools supply lists. The only thing WalMart didn't do for you was put the supplies in the cart for you. And WHY would a kindergartner need...
Husband Dragged to Store