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Writing a Book: What a Novel Challenge!

As they say, “The only constant is change,” and this summer has been evidence of that. In fact, as you may or may not realize, the last days of July signified my last days as assistant editor here at Mile High Mamas!

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I’ve loved my time at Mile High Mamas, and I’ll contribute writing pieces every now and then, but it’s time to shift gears. After taking some time in August to travel to New York and San Francisco and as we continue planning our trip to Hawaii in October (What? A girl has her priorities…), it’s time to follow my passion; harness this energy and see where it takes me.

It’s time to start the next chapter.


Yes, I’m writing a book!

So, how does one do this? As a writer, I’ve done a lot of writing via pixels and keyboard keys, and I’ve kicked it old-school by putting a real pen to physical paper. I’ve written essays and papers and blog posts, but never a book. Writing has always come easy for me. But writing a book? How exactly do you do that? Well, I’ve learned a lot about this process over the last few months!

One of the most interesting things I’ve learned is that books and their authors go down different paths, depending on the type of book. Fiction books require a fully completed manuscript before the next phase of their adventure truly begins. Nonfiction books jump into the fray with a completed book proposal.

How do you decide which direction to go? For me, the decision was made for me: