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Mile High Mamas’ Denver Recommendations Featured in Woman’s Day Magazine

I am very thrilled to announce I am featured in the November issue of Woman’s Day, which hit newsstands this week. My understanding was that the magazine would interview me about my favorite Colorado haunts for a travel feature.

What I did not anticipate: They would send me a laundry list of questions and I, in turn, would spend HOURS writing 10 pages of well-researched recommendations. My blood, sweat and tears was condensed into a three-page spread that will inspire you to your very core.

OK, work with me here. I’m just a travel writer, not Oprah.

Regardless, I hope you, too will fall in love with Denver as I divulge my favorite activities that include skiing, climbing 14ers, shopping and eating. Several of my favorite places did not make their cut (i.e. Little Man Ice Cream, First Friday in Golden, Pearl Street Mall, etc.) because the magazine wanted activities people would do in November/winter.

I was surprised when a friend on Twitter informed me I’d received a mention in The Denver Post’s gossip column. The only time I’ve had this “honor” was when I was a ski reporter for SkiUtah. For my birthday, I mentioned on-air to one of the radio stations I was skiing Jackson Hole for my birthday. The Salt Lake Tribune’s columnists Rolly and Wells ran with it, poking fun that “Miss SkiUtah was skiing Wyoming.”

Talk about controversial stuff.

Rest assured there are no such exposés with Woman’s Day.

So, next time you’re at your local newsstand, skip over the Enquirer’s gripping headlines and say “YES!” to Denver (or read it here and let me know what local favorites you would have included).