Single Parenting the Opposite Gender

As a widow, I was thrown into the deep end of the single parenting pool when my kids were 5,3, and 1 year old and from day one, I knew it would be tough. And while I can sympathize with the pain of divorce and can understand how hard it must be for many parents to relinquish the thing(s) that are most important to them – their children – on a regular basis to someone they’re not all that crazy about anymore…my struggles as a widowed single parent are a little different.

Looking for a Fun Way to Network? Check Out The Alliance for Professional Women

When my sister started her financial planning business, she became the Queen of Networking. If there was a committee or a board that involved women in business, she was on it. So, naturally, when I started my own business and began looking for everything from graphic design to legal assistance, I asked her if she knew anyone who might be able to help me out. And every contact she gave me had one thing in common. They all belonged to the Alliance for Professional Women.

Father’s Day: An Emotional Day When You’re Celebrating Without A Father

Father’s Day is not what it used to be.  I’ve gotten used to many of the milestones I have faced since I became a widow, almost 4 years ago.  I can jolly us through Christmas and be thankful on Thanksgiving.  I can even look at his birthday as a celebration of his life.  But Father’s Day is a day devoted to celebrating fathers.  And the fact that my kids have lost theirs…well…that can’t be glossed over.

Turning 36 and the Decade That’s Beginning to Define Me

Several of my conversations with friends this year have had a common theme: We don’t have enough time. We don’t have enough time to see each other or take a vacation or even get a decent haircut. Sitting still isn’t an option and a full night of sleep is often a luxury. And you may be thinking that’s because all of my friends are mothers, just like I am. But they’re not. The common denominator is that we’re all in our 30s.

The Kid Blender: How Should I Introduce My Kids to Someone New?

It’s easy for many of us to say the words “the most important thing in my life is my child” but never is it more important to live those words than when you’re dating as a single parent. How and when you introduce you children to someone new really has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them and making them feel secure about the situation.

The Kid Blender: When Should I Introduce My Kids to Someone New?

So, you’ve met Mr. Right or at least a possible candidate. And as we all know, there is no way to confirm that he is actually the “real thing” until he has been introduced to the kids and you see how everyone interacts. And that means getting to the next step: Setting up the introduction. In the beginning stages, when you’re thinking about introducing your child to someone new, it’s important to remember that you and your child may be on 2 different timelines: You may be excited about this new stage in your life while your child may be dreading the changes he/she knows are on the horizon. If you’ve been through a divorce or suffered a loss, chances are you child knows that you may not want to be alone forever. And that means more adjustments for them.

Selena Gomez: Is 19 Too Young for the Cover of Cosmo?

Is it appropriate for Cosmopolitan Magazine to have Selena Gomez on the cover of their March 2012 issue? I realize that she is not the wide-eyed girl she once was. And that’s okay. But when her target audience is comprised mainly of young girls who will see this magazine at every grocery store...is it right to have her picture surrounded by headlines for sex tips?

Life-Insurance: Do You Know the Value…of YOU?

You wouldn’t let your child ride in a car without a seatbelt or ride a bike without a helmet. As good parents we protect our children...just in case. Life-insurance is part of that protection.

Have You Ever Suffered From Post Traumatic Holiday Disorder?

I have a picture of it, but you actually had to see it to believe it. My parents’ home, filled to the brim with holiday merriment and various people. Some related, some not, and in keeping with Southern tradition…some we’re still not sure about.

Is Fining Students the Best Way to Discipline?

Some schools across the country have adopted a no-tolerance program when it comes to transgressions such as tardiness, cursing, and ditching.

3 Things You Should Be Saving For NOW and What Information Both Parents Need to Know

I’m not gonna lie to you. When people start talking finance…I completely glaze over. I’m okay with the day to day basics, but when it comes to stocks, bonds, Dows, and percentages…I know I’m a lost cause. That’s why, when I was left to fend for my financial self after the death of my husband, I retained the services of Certified Financial Planner™ Kristi Sullivan of Sullivan Financial Planning, LLC.

Isn’t It Time For Some Official Grocery Store Rules?

It seems like for the past few months, I’ve been asking myself over and over, “Were certain things in life always this aggravating? Are people getting more exasperating or am I just getting older and more crotchety?” And, lately, I’m usually asking myself that question while I’m at the grocery store.

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