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8 educational video games the whole family can enjoy

As a parent of a teenage boy, there are a few shoot ’em up video games in my house. My ex-wife and I were able to keep him from these kind of games for years, but you can hold off for only so long. Much has been written about the influence of violent video games on the development of teenagers. I’ve written about it as well, noting that games like Minecraft help with educating the mind of a teen, rather than focusing on killing and maiming. I can usually see when it’s getting to be too much with my son. He may become angry or dismissive if I try and talk with him. Sometimes that behavior can be seen early in the game, sometimes after he has been playing for a while. He’s not a violent kid and I get that it’s an outlet, but I usually end his playing time when h...

Mama Drama: Surviving Children’s Electronic Overload

Dear Mama Drama: My kids are always watching television and playing video or computer games. They fuss at me when I tell them to turn them off and do something else. They say everything else is boring. I’m exasperated and don’t know what to do to get them off of the electronics. ~ Electrified Mama (photo credit) Dear Electrified: It can be challenging to limit our children’s exposure to electronics and television with the easy access and all the pressure from peers to play. As parents we have to help our children find the balance by