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Product Review: Urban Baby Gourmet – – Local, Homemade and Organic

This month I choose to review Urban Baby Gourmet. It’s a Denver-based company and I was impressed with their adorable marketing material and decided to get a gaggle of gals and babies together to sample the goods.

It’s summer and who wants to be stuck in the kitchen making baby food, let someone else do it for you. Sure, there are a plethora of nutritious store-bought brands, but give a little love back to the Colorado community and try something local. Our MHM product reviewers for the day descended on Denver’s Washington Park for a smorgasbord of pureed and mixed goodies for baby and toddler. Urban Baby Gourmet (UBG) was on hand to serve up nine of their signature items for the wee ones (and moms too)!

Many moms in Colorado debate the organic versus non-organic route to raising a child. Whatever side of the fence you might set up camp, think local, not just organic. The cool thing about UBG, it’s all organic food, of course, but made using extremely