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Product Review: TravelKiddy

Can I be honest? I do not like taking my children to visit my family in Texas. No, not because I do not like my family – I actually love them dearly. And not because my children are shy and don’t get on well with their cousins – far from true, they all adore each other. Nope, I don’t like visiting my family because it is a 9 hour drive for me to get there! There are no direct flights to my Texas town. Driving is my only option and it is a miserable one. Oh I’m armed. I’ve got a double DVD player in the car. I load up on snacks. We load up on books. But the boys, inevitably, get bored and restless and ornery! We are all miserable by the time we arrive at our destination, and thus we only make this trip once a year.

TravelKiddy to the rescue! What a fun and amazingly simple idea. This delightful product culls together all kinds of fun kid-friendly activities, puts them in a colorful, zip up bag, and you can toss it in the car (or plane or RV, or even your living room floor). You are ready to go! This kit has everything you could possibly need for a long road trip – or honestly, for a rainy day when your kids need a quiet break. It is filled with coloring books, stickers, plastic figurines, lace up cards, crayons, doodle pad, even pre-stamped post cards. It also includes a few mom-necessities like wipes, band aids, and tissues. Genius!

The packaging is quite simple and easy to carry. The product arrived quickly and in great shape (save one small toy that was cracked but I think that was probably prior to shipping). There was so much for my boys (ages almost 3 and 5) to do that they didn’t have time to bug each other. They each found things to interest them and there was no arguing about who got what. It was easy to share and so much fun for them. I also like that I could slip in items of my own if I wanted – snacks, extra books or toys, etc.

In viewing their Website I noticed they have a variety of kits on hand – – the PocketKiddy would be great for my 3 year old while waiting for his brother at gymnastics. There are also fun add on kits so you can personalize it to your children’s likes and interests.

Check it out for your next road trip – whether you are heading for a 9 hour drive to Texas, or just a 15 minute trip to the store. It’s a sanity saver!

This review was written by Amy, one of our Mile High Mamas Product Reviewers.

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