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Family Travel: 5 Helpful Tips for Flying with Toddlers

Last weekend I had the opportunity to travel alone.  And let me tell you I was bored! I waltzed through security and had an hour to spare! Without a toddler I didn’t need all of the extra time I normally allow for catastrophe. Because if you don’t plan for it, catastrophe will happen.

When traveling there is a lot you cannot plan for. Traveling is already a new experience to a toddler so when traveling there are some ways to help with their anxiety (and yours).

Time. Allow yourself plenty of time.  When you are two you want to explore life. Not rush through it.  Rushing your toddler through an airport will frustrate them because they love to see new things.  

Check your luggage.  We normally take small weekend trips to see family in other states so we pack a carry-on and we struggle getting everything to the gate.  If you check your luggage and only keep the diaper bag and your simple carry-on items you don’t have to carry all the extra weight.  

Stock your diaper bag.  You will remember the essentials (wipes, diapers, bottles) but don’t forget the snacks and the toys.  I had a friend take her family to Disney.  It was a 5-hour road trip for them so she planned a surprise for each kid.  Every hour they got to unwrap a new surprise.  She bought toys at the dollar store or wrapped items from home (crayons and coloring books).  Be sure to pack an extra change of clothes for you and your child; accidents can (and do) happen.

Comfort. You might not be traveling at your toddler’s best hour.  Be sure to pack things of comfort for your little one.  They may have a favorite blanket or you might need to pack a favorite snack or candy.

Games and entertainment. Toddlers have a fascination with phones and electronics.  This may be the time to allow a little play time.  Did you know you can lock your kid into an app on Apple products? Follow Settings>General>Accessibility>Guided Access. Your toddler will not be able to exit the app of your choice.

Guided Access on Apple Products

Puzzles, coloring books, and reading material are also great for entertainment. Don’t forget to be a part of the play.  You can pretend to cook on the tray in front of you or you can join in on the coloring fun. 

What are somethings that have worked for you and your toddler? 

Mama Drama: Anniversary Advice Round Up

Mama Drama is celebrating two years with Mile High Mamas!!

We’ve rounded up all of the drama Lisa has covered during that time into a variety of categories to make it easier for you to find that special nugget of information or advice you need.

Keep the questions coming ([email protected]) and remember that we all have our share of Mama Drama, so contribute your advice, ideas, and tried and true strategies as we support each other through the journey of motherhood in this fabulous community of moms.

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Developmental issues:

Articulation Angst – When to worry about speech concerns.

Travel Tips: Flying With Kids

Although I would never call myself a travel “expert,” with family on both coasts I can assure you that we’ve done our fair share of traveling with kids. With distances over thousands of miles, airplane has become our main mode of travel. It’s not cheap. It’s not easy. But it is fast. If you’re planning air travel with kids, saying that you have to be prepared is an understatement. You really need to be OVER-prepared.

Remember that air travel probably means getting a meal at the airport, maneuvering airplane bathroom stalls (these bathrooms are NOT made for two people even if one of them is little – I don’t know what these “mile high club” people are thinking), schleping through security and fenagling suitcases at baggage claim.

Drinks will be spilled, feelings will be hurt, tears will be shed, expectations will go unmet… all in the name of air travel. Not that traveling on wheels is easy. We’ve done that too and it can be just as much torture, uh, I mean fun. If you’ve traveled with kids, you know what I’m talking about. Which is why half of the battle is planning ahead to minimize the craziness. And keep this one thing in mind: you can pack the newest issue of your favorite magazine that you’ve been dying to read, just don’t expect you’ll get to read it.

Some of the tips below may seem like overkill, but if it’s been a while (or maybe never) since you’ve traveled with kids I think you’ll be glad you at least considered them.

  • If you’ve already purchased tickets, double-check