How can I address the trauma of tragedy?

Dear Mama Drama: With one traumatic event after another in the headlines I am struggling to manage my own anxieties much less those of my children. We are all sad, angry, and afraid, and struggling to maintain our emotions and get through our daily routines. What advice do you have to help us? ~Stressed Out Mama (photo credit) Dear Stressed: While news of violent acts often leads to a mild increase in anxiety and fear, the recent string of tragedies has overwhelmed many children and adults. You and your family are not alone. Following are some ideas to support you through these difficult times. Limit exposure to news media. Hearing and seeing the information and images related to tragic events can be traumatic and intensify anxieties and fears. There is a difference between being informed ...

Talking with Kids about 9/11: Lessons in Compassion

With the ten year anniversary of September 11th looming near, many parents may be wondering what to tell their children about that infamous day. Most of today’s school age kids were either very young children or not yet born when the attacks occurred. They likely don’t have their own memories of the day, but have grown up in a world significantly impacted by its events. Terror alerts, Al-Qaeda, the TSA, and the wars of Iraq & Afghanistan have been a constant backdrop to their young lives. (photo credit) For many parents this anniversary may bring up surprising emotions including memories of the trauma they experienced on 9-11 and the days and months following as we learned more and more about the events surrounding the attacks and the

Mama Drama: Talking with Kids about Disasters

Dear Mama Drama: With all the recent news about the earthquake, tsunami, and possible nuclear meltdowns in Japan I'm concerned about my children. I want to address their fears, but am not sure where to start. I would love your advice!