10 (funny) tips to make travel bearable fun with a toddler!

For the purposes of this post, I am going to consider myself an expert at traveling with a toddler. I am, at least, an expert at the pain and suffering associated with traveling with my toddler. In an effort to warn inform other parents, I have compiled a list of ways to possibly delay the hell small children impose on travel enjoy your trip with your little one! 1) Don’t go. Seriously. We just attempted lunch out with Toddler only to be vividly reminded as to why they invented take-out. Just borrow some nice travel DVD’s from the library. Easier on everyone. Checkout my 10 Steps to a Fun Family Outing to see why…. 2) Okay, fine. If you’ve made it past #1, you are actually planning on going, blatantly ignoring my sage advice. Fine. 2) (For reals) Scale down your exp...

Pet Safety: Introducing Your Toddler to Animals

Introducing your toddler to animals can be scary for them and for you.  My toddler loves animals but that scares me because if I turn my head for a second he might end up petting a dog who is a little scared of him.   We had the chance to take him to a friend’s house who has all kinds of animals, including chickens and a miniature horse. My toddler was in heaven! But I trusted him a bit too much and started chatting.  Off he went to see the miniature horse again who had his back turned toward my little guy.  My friend saw what was happening before he even reached the horse but the thought of danger hadn’t even crossed my mind.   I started asking around about child and pet safety when it comes to introducing toddlers to animals.   Here’s what ...

Family Travel: 5 Helpful Tips for Flying with Toddlers

Last weekend I had the opportunity to travel alone.  And let me tell you I was bored! I waltzed through security and had an hour to spare! Without a toddler I didn’t need all of the extra time I normally allow for catastrophe. Because if you don’t plan for it, catastrophe will happen. When traveling there is a lot you cannot plan for. Traveling is already a new experience to a toddler so when traveling there are some ways to help with their anxiety (and yours). Time. Allow yourself plenty of time.  When you are two you want to explore life. Not rush through it.  Rushing your toddler through an airport will frustrate them because they love to see new things.   Check your luggage.  We normally take small weekend trips to see family in other states so we p...

Working Mom Moments: My kids are always with me

“Rooooaaaar.” The first sound I hear from my toddler as he wakes up in the cold, dark morning. It isn’t a loud or ferocious “roar,” it is a faint whisper. I let him carry on for a bit as I move as fast as I can to finish getting myself ready for work. I finish applying my make-up and I listen intently to my boy’s imagination come to life at this very early hour. There is a full rendition of the A, B, C’s, more roaring, then out of nowhere he starts singing “Happy Birthday.” 

Potty Training in Public: A mom’s inaugural encounter

A mom and a toddler walk into a public restroom… This is uncharted territory for the both of them. Up to this point their potty training efforts have been confined to the house, daycare, and grandparents houses. But this? This was public. The mom’s palms were a bit clammy as she entered into what was surely a toddler mom’s rite of passage. Luckily the giant public space was empty except for the two of them. Relieved the mom ushered her son into the “cleanest” of the stalls and started explaining to the boy how this was not like home. 

The Umbilical Hernia Experience

This past spring we learned that our one-year old had an umbilical hernia. Which was a relief. We were worried she swallowed a marble. An umbilical hernia is a tiny hole in the abdominal muscles that never closed after the umbilical cord opening healed. As a child becomes active the hole gets larger. Resulting in intestines bulging through. It sounds worse than it really is. Using medical terms overcomplicates everything. It’s like a doctor diagnosing you with a contusion on your coccyx. You’re immediately concerned because you have no idea what they’re talking about. You: Can this be treated? Dr. Yes. You: Is it contagious? Dr. No. You: How long do I have to live? Dr. I don’t know. But the bruise on your behind should be gone in a week. It was like a weird version of Pinocchio. Except ins...

Mama Drama: 3rd Anniversary Advice Round Up

It’s October, which means falling leaves, Halloween, and the 3rd Anniversary of our Mama Drama advice column. We’ve rounded up and sorted out the advice over this last year so it’s easy to find what you need. Bookmark it and send it to your mama friends! (photo credit) Keep the questions coming ([email protected]) and remember the more we ask, the smarter we get at navigating this amazing journey called Motherhood. Daily Routines Ending Morning Madness

Our First Temper Tantrum

Oh, the ever-changing world of toddlerhood. One minute, you think you’ve finally grasped the complexities, and the next minute, everything changes. Yesterday was not a fun day. We were at the park on a playdate with our friends, and suddenly, I started feeling really sick to my stomach. I mumbled a few words and headed to the car, calmly talking to my toddler to avoid a meltdown.