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Colorado’s Sweetest Teeth Shine at The Children’s Museum’s Newest Exhibit

Colorado’s newest dental office caters to an unusual clientele. On any given day, you’ll find toddlers and young preschoolers in lab coats busily cleaning the teeth of a small gorilla with a million dollar smile. The front office, also staffed by the pull-up crowd, happily tap away at a keyboard and answer the phone as well. This innovative dental experience is located in The Children’s Museum of Denver’s Center for the Young Child. For years, parents have taken their littlest ones to the colorful, bright, safe, and clean play area. Now there is a new exhibit to teach and entertain junior dentists with warm, whimsical touches. It’s called The Village of Healthy Smiles. I took my four and two-year-old boys to play there and they had a great time role playing, b...

10 Activities to Keep Your Toddler Engaged, Mom Tested and Toddler Approved

Routine. I hear that it’s a good thing.  Probably not the routine we have in our house.  Toddler wakes up and urges you to let him into your bed.  Then urges you to get him a bottle of milk.  And then urges you to turn on one of his shows on Netflix.  I don’t know, maybe it’s the crumbs in my unmade bed that are getting to me but I think it’s time for a new routine.   So I set out to find things to excite my 18-month-old son.  Activities that would stimulate his growing brain and help him discover the world around him…instead of what happens to be in the trash can at the time.