10 Silly Rules My Kids Follow For the Sandbox

My children both have a very odd way of interacting with their sandbox. I’m not sure if this is something they’ve discussed behind closed doors, or how each of them came to behave exactly the same around it. There’s clearly a set of predetermined rules they both follow:

Is my preschooler overscheduled? Four important activities

While it’s definitely important to expose your child to different activities, for physical, cognitive and emotional development, it’s also important to know just how much is too much? When it comes to structured activities, this doesn’t include daycare or preschool, children ages one to five years old have an attention span of about thirty minutes, and children five to eight years old have attention spans that are closer to one hour. Try to choose activities accordingly so that your child is able to stay focused for the majority of the class. When exploring options and picking a class, we recommend thinking about the following: 1) Consider your child’s interests and pick activities based on what they like (so far!) 2) Expose them to as many different types of activities over their early ye...