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Daily Deal-Thursday’s Thrifty Tip

Wow, where did September go?  I have to say I absolutely LOVE fall.  I think I say that about every season! 

Basically when it comes down to it-I love change.  I love the flowers and buds of spring, the feel of the hot summer sun, the colors and crisp air of fall, and the excitement and joy winter brings.

Today I don’t have a specific deal for you.  Today I am introducing Thursday’s Thrifty Tip.  Each Thursday I will clue you into a small way you can save money. 

I realize coupons are not for everyone.  I didn’t even start fully utilizing them until the beginning of this year.  There are so many other things you can do to save your family money.

Face it-times are tough for a lot of people.  Together we can help each other to save money and live better!

On Thursdays comments will be open and feel free to add to the conversation about being thrifty.

Today’s Thrifty Tip is simple: Think twice before you make a purchase.  Ask yourself if you can live without it, whether it’s likely to go on sale in the future, and how many hours you would have to work to pay for it.

Changes can be good and changes can be bad.  I have a challenge for all of the Mile High Mamas to make a change.  This week make one small change in the way you look at money and the purchases you make.  I promise it’ll be a good change!  You would be amazed at how little changes here and there can add up to be a HUGE asset for your family. 

Have a great deal?  Email me!

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