Arvada’s “Flat Stanley” takes kid fun to a cool new dimension

Since 1964, the “Flat Stanley” books have encouraged kids to see the world, well, three-dimensionally. Flat Stanley devotees spread the gospel today by encouraging young people to send letters to strangers around the globe, with words of encouragement and a Flat Stanley likeness enclosed. When that US Airways flight miraculously landed in the Hudson River in 2009, a passenger was carrying a Flat Stanley in his briefcase. So never dispute the power of a flat-out positive message. “The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley” is a cheerful, kid-pleasing musical based on

“Ice Cream Theater” music isn’t just for kids

This weekend the Manitou Art Theatre in Colorado Springs kicks off “Ice Cream Theatre,” its kid- friendly summer concert series, with a show featuring Ben Rudnick. Rudnick’s fun take on children’s music combines a love of the Grateful Dead with kid-appropriate themes. Rudnick, however, rejects the “children’s music” label. “We don’t think of it as ‘kids’ music,’ ” he says. “It’s not all so incredibly straightforward, imparting some lesson or some incredibly silly thing about boogers. Because I don’t really want to sing about boogers.” Instead, jazzy jams spiked with elements of bluegrass, folk and roots music set off Rudnick’s sound. Songs have titles like “A Frog Named Sam,...