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Globeology Has First 3D Exhibit in the Nation

Colorado is home to the first live-action 3D exhibit, and it’s right in your backyard!  …well, depending on how close you live to Globeology at The Wildlife Experience.  That’s right!  Globeology has incorporated 3D technology into their already incredible exhibit.

This exhibit opened just yesterday (June 30th), and Claire and I got a sneak peek into the adventure the night before. (Yes, we got in for free! Pricing is listed below. The Wildlife Experience also provided most of the photos used in this post.)

We have explored The Wildlife Experience before: We were there when Globeology debuted, and we also got to meet Santa there during the Winter WonderLights exhibit.

The use of 3D glasses and screens adds a whole new dimension…literally!

I’m a huge fan of 3D technology. I was mesmerized by Avatar in 3D in the theater, and I saw Alice in Wonderland TWICE…in both versions of 3D to compare (IMAX 3D and RealD – the one used at Globeology). This was Claire’s first experience with 3D, and I wasn’t sure how it would go.

I’d heard rumors of a virtual 3D Snake Attack, and I didn’t want it to be too scary for her…or me, for that matter. To be honest, battling the rush-hour traffic on I-25 on our way to the event was scarier than the snake attack, but Claire was spared that as well when she took an impromptu nap in the car.

Let me elaborate a tad…the snake attack was startling but not too scary. For both of us. And we were ready for it. Had there been lots of spiders (besides the footage of the tarantula at the beginning), maybe I’d have another story to tell. Neither Claire nor I were emotionally scarred from our visit, and the footage was really cool!

A little note about the 3D glasses: Both Claire and I wear glasses in our everyday lives, and the adult-size and child-size 3D glasses fit nicely over our own specs with no issues, as you can see in the photo of us above. (Claire freaked out at the thought of wearing 3D glasses over her glasses, but once she saw how comfortable they were, she relaxed.) Personally, things filmed in digital 3D makes one of my eyes ache. It’s happened every time I watch things in 3D, and I was concerned. I asked my eye doctor about this, and she said it happens to some people, and there really isn’t anything you can do about it. She said I won’t do any damage to my eyes by watching things in 3D. It’s a pain that I have to manage on my own. Claire didn’t seem to have any eye pain from our adventure.

Even with the eye pain, I love seeing things in 3D. Watching my daughter react to things in 3D was the most exciting part for me. It was like nothing she’d ever seen before, and her reactions were priceless.

Because the screens weren’t any larger than a television set, I could easily tell her that the animals she was seeing weren’t going to be able to “get” her. As a 4-and-a-half year old, she’s very inquisitive, so I wish the footage would have had subtitles or audio explaining what we were seeing, but I think I was able to answer most of her questions.

So, if you and your kids are fans of the 3D craze, go check out Globeology at The Wildlife Experience!

Museum admission prices with 3D upgrade are $13 for adults, $12 for seniors (65+), $9 for children (3-12), children under 3 are free. For more information the public can call 720.488.3300 or visit

Winter WonderLights at The Wildlife Experience

Recently, I admitted that I only pretend to like Holiday Decorations. While this is a true statement, there is an exception: Holiday Lights. When it comes to Holiday Lights, my enthusiasm is genuine. I love Holiday Lights. There is something so magical about the glow against the blackened sky. The soft colors on the snowy landscape make me feel like a kid again. They transform the mundane, ordinary world that we’ve seen a thousand times into a magical place where anything is possible: Reindeer can fly; dreams can come true, and jolly ol’ St. Nick knows your name and how you’ve been all year.

WinterWonderLightsOn Friday, December 4th, my family and I were able to attend a sneak peek of Winter WonderLights at The Wildlife Experience. (I was given free admission for the three of us to this event in exchange for an honest review, and some images in this post were provided by The Wildlife Experience.) We knew it would be a cool experience…and with the weather front that had settled in the area, a cold experience…so we bundled up and then threw on some extra layers just to be safe.

My daughter hates wearing a hat and a coat, let alone more than one layer of anything, so the preparation for our adventure was less than desirable. It only took a reminder that we were going go see Santa to get her to comply. In fact, she got so excited that she forgot all about the layers.

I’m glad we dressed warmly, because it was cold. If you go when the temps have dipped below the freezing point (like we did), it is cold; there’s no way around it. Had we not dressed appropriately, we would have not been able to linger outside as long as we did. For me, the light sculptures were worth it. They were beautiful. Driving by lights at night is a great experience, but walking under them, standing next to then, and getting close enough to touch them, is magnificent.

WWL_polarPassClaire had a blast. To be honest, layers or not, my daughter handles the cold really well. She would have trudged three miles across a windswept frozen tundra with the promise to see Santa at the end of the trek. She met him briefly for the first time last year at the mall, but she doesn’t remember much of that exchange. This year, she just turned 4-years old, and the magic of Santa is very real to her.

After we saw all the lights outside, the path led us into the building where we had a chance to write a letter to Santa, warm up with some hot cocoa, and then walk through Globeology. Because we’d been there before, our little tour guide tugged us through that section at top speed. We also had the option to see “Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas” in the movie theater, but the thought of waiting one more minute to see Santa pulled us in the opposite direction. “Santa’s waiting for us, Momma! Santa’s waiting! Come on, Daddy!”

Big Hug for SantaWe ended up back outside in Santa’s Village. Unlike a typical mall visit, Santa and Mrs. Claus were in their own private little house. It was warm, and the atmosphere was intimate and calm, a contrast to all the holiday bustle outside. Santa remembered Claire, even though she’s grown so much since last year. She told him what she wanted for Christmas, and he had some good advice for her to follow to achieve those goals. They gave each other a big hug, posed for some photos that we were allowed to take ourselves, and we made our way back out into the cold.

But, Claire didn’t feel the cold. Such an awesome visit with the big man himself had her oblivious to the dropping temperature. Seeing real reindeer in Santa’s Village just fueled the fire. I think she floated to the car, through the crisp night air, and I’m not sure that her feet have touched the ground since.

Check out Winter WonderLights at The Wildlife Experience for yourself!

Winter WonderLightsLogoWHEN: Open nightly December 11 – 24
5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. (last ticket sold at 8p.m.)

WHERE: The Wildlife Experience
10035 South Peoria (one mile east of 1-25 at the intersection of
Lincoln Ave. and S. Peoria) Parker, CO 80134

COST: Adults (13-64) $9, Seniors (65+) $8, Children (3-12) $6 Children 2
and under are free. Members of The Wildlife Experience receive $2 off
Winter WonderLights admission.