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Tellerpalooza 2010!

DENVER, CO — Palooza is back! The 7th Annual Tellerpalooza is set for Saturday, May 15, at The Mercury Café, 2199 California Street, in Denver. Proceeds from this night of local music and fun support Teller Elementary (DPS) in the Congress Park neighborhood. Festivities will begin at 4:00 p.m. with a performance by Teller’s own student band and last into the night with bands of local and national acclaim sharing the stage.

A distinct theme is shaping up for this year’s lineup—rocker parents. Of the bands listed below, four are
headed up by current or future Teller parents. Credit for the musician parent trend can be attributed to
Tom Hagerman of DeVotchKa, parent of a Teller student when the band headlined Palooza in 2007.

Featured local Denver bands will include:

The Swayback – Critically acclaimed in Denver and nationally, this “genre‐defying quartet draws from a range of influences,” (, from 1980s New Wave to 2000s synth‐rock blends ( The Swayback “recalls The Velvet Underground if they were forced to share a cell with a codeine‐addled Danzig and fed a steady diet of Factory Records (SPIN magazine).” Bassist and lead vocalist, Eric Halborg, is a future Teller parent.

Joy Subtraction – Described as “a hearty slab of progressive yet heartwarmingly old‐school art‐core” by Westword, Joy Subtraction churns out high‐energy, punk‐influenced hard rock for fans of the two Blacks—Sabbath and Flag. Lead guitarist, Abe Brennan, is a Teller parent.

The New Distractions – The melancholy and introspective sound of The New Distractions beckons with its edginess and texture. This newly‐formed band features soulful vocals complemented by expressive and distorted guitar, keyboards, bass and drums. Lori Trautwein, lead vocalist and keyboardist, is mom to three Teller students.

What Happened Saturday ‐ If you took a touch of Bodeans guitar, added some Ben Folds Five piano, funky beats, and groovin’ bass, you’d have What Happened Saturday—a project that joins friends to explore the power of music to entertain and to bring audiences together. Lead singer, Justin Wedul, is a Teller parent.

Mono Verde – Formed by musicians from Mexico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, United States and El Salvador, this ensemble produces a revolutionary and spirited mix of reggae and Latin rhythms reflecting Spanish‐speaking cultures.

Roy Drabkin – Singer/songwriter, Rob Drabkin, brings together a voice, song structure and musicianship that step past the simple comparisons to Damien Rice, Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson. Mixing soul and folk with a style all his own, Drabkin makes his music something to remember.

Olivia Rudeen – Former lead singer of The Panic, a Denver‐based alternative rock quartet, Rudeen transports an ever‐growing fan base with her emotional and intelligent songwriting, unique voice and soulful tributes to country, pop, blues, reggae and rock genres..

Dylan Yawger ‐ A Teller graduate, Yawger is a one‐man electronic hip‐hop jam band who is influenced by an eclectic mix of genres and musicians, from Bob Dylan to Notorious BIG to Daft Punk.

Conceived in 2004 by music‐loving Teller parents, Tellerpalooza has grown into this southeast Denver
elementary school’s biggest fundraiser.