Thanksgiving activities

Activities To Teach “Thankfulness”

It’s the holiday season! What better time is there to teach and encourage thankfulness within your home or classroom. Kids and particularly preschool aged children are notoriously known for being self-centered. Thankfulness, empathy and sharing are all skills that crucial to nixing that preschool aged egocentric behavior, but these are also skills that aren’t inherent, they need to be taught and fostered. Teaching a child how to be thankful doesn’t only result in a child with good manners, but a child who is thankful tends to be happier, more content and less stressed and depressed. Personally, I can say that is true as I feel much happier when I make a conscience effort to be thankful for all my blessings instead of focusing on all the challenges I’m facing. So, what can you do at home or...

Thanksgiving Table Tricks –Entertain Your Guests with After Dinner Science

The meal is wrapping up, the dishes are in the sink and everyone is sitting around the table waiting for the pie to come out. Now is the perfect time to stand up and amaze your family with a few science “tricks” using materials found in your kitchen. Remember that you shouldn’t try these experiments at home…do them at a friend’s home. Singing Glasses and Move a Match with Your Mind If you like to annoy all of your dinner guests by running your finger along the rim of a wine glass to make it sing, you’ll soon have your friends convinced that you