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Thanks For Giving: Thankless Mom Moment Rewards

It’s true that as a mom our joy and reward is all the happy moments. It’s loving our children and watching them grow.

It’s also true that being a mom is a 24/7, 365 day a year job. There are no days off. The pay sucks. The vacation? Well, it’s often more work than the day-to-day grind. Being a mom is a tough job. It’s a full-time, selfless gig with little, or no thanks in many departments. But, sometimes those thankless tasks have their rewards. Maybe they don’t show up right away, but in the end they make the struggle, or fight, worthwhile.

Here’s a few “thankless mom moments” and their rewards:

Random Thankfulness: An Oddball List

Dear God /  the Divine / Universe / Higher Self,

Thank you for my blessings, especially the people. The have let me know love.

Thank you things and people I once thought were curses. They have made me grow.

Thank you for the times when things have gone easily for me. Like buttah.

Thank you for the times when you’ve presented brick walls to bang my head against. It hurt, but I am learning to stop banging.

Thank you for my body and increasing health, and the teachers you have sent to help me heal myself.

Thank you for my curiosity. It makes life so interesting.

Thank you for the Internet. Duh.