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Parent storytellers. Yes, you can.

It’s late. You’re so tired you could sleep on the floor through an earthquake outside in a rainstorm. Or that might just be me. Then your child says, “Tell me a story.” And you can’t think of a single idea other than sleeping . . . soon.

Here’s all you need to do . . . remember the parts of the story and ask for audience participation.

CHARACTERS: “Okay, who is going to be in this story?” (Suggest princess x, doggie y, or unicorn z.)

SETTING: “Where should the story take place?” (Suggest forest, desert, ocean, bedroom, school.)

PROBLEM: “What’s going to happen that’s hard for the main character?” Suggest a storm, something lost, mean person.)

Look around the room for a few more ideas if you need.

READY, SET, TELL. “Once there was a golden retriever named Princess Poo-Poo. (Yes, obvious crowd pleaser but it works every time.) . . .

Work in the problem, figure out how the character (hero) solves the problem and wrap it up.


Pat yourself on the back.  You’re a story teller!

Story twists:

Mix up fairy tale characters and settings. Examples: Snow White and the Three Bears.

Add in daddy humor. Example: Cindersmella and the three stink bugs. Goldisocks and the seven piggies.

Try “Tell Me a Story” cards.  Draw from a deck and use the pictures to make up unique stories.  We love this at my house!

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