Teen confession sites: What they are and what parents can do about them

Last week my husband stumbled on a Twitter account that shared “compliments” about local high school students. While many of the Tweets were harmless – “The juniors have the hottest guys” or “Kelly is the sweetest girl I know” – frequently, they veered into more explicit territory, commenting on students’ sexual prowess and worse. Some posts were anonymous; others included Twitter handles or the students’ full names. Then we found another account, this one sharing anonymous “confessions” (many appear to be rumors) from area students. Most of the posts involve drug abuse and casual sex. Many include first and last names and/or the name of the school the “confession” originated from. Few are fit to be reprinted here. Reading through these was enough to make me want to ban both of...

CDC study: Teens are drinking less, living more online

American teens are smoking less, drinking less and fighting less. But they’re texting behind the wheel and spending a lot of time on video games and computers, according to the government’s latest study of worrisome behavior. Most forms of drug use, weapons use and risky sex have been going down since the government started doing the survey every two years in 1991. Teens are wearing bicycle helmets and seat belts more, too. “Overall, young people have more healthy behaviors than they did 20 years ago,” said Dr. Stephanie Zaza, who oversees the study for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The results come from a study of 13,000 U.S. high school students last spring. Participation was voluntary and required parental permission, but responses were anonymou...

5 homework apps that make the grade (and save your sanity)

Now that we’re well into the school year, you and your kids are probably coming to terms with the homework load. There’s no app to help your kids carry their books, but there are apps that can help you and your child keep track of all those homework assignments. There are even a few that can lend a hand when your kids need help with math formulas you’ve long forgotten. MyHomework iPhone, Android, iPad, Windows 8, Web, Kindle; Free MyHomework lets you track homework assignments and classes. When you add an assignment or test you can indicate the class, due date (time optional), and priority level (color-coded as low, medium or high). You can set up reminder alerts, which are saved to your calendar. You can then see your homework assignments by your calendar or in a queue b...

DIY for all ages: NoCo Mini Maker Faire gets kids into science Oct. 5

Think of the NoCo Mini Maker Faire on Oct. 5 as a combination of robotics, creative problem-solving, DIY projects and a nerdy version of the Pinewood Derby. “It’s all of those things wrapped into one,” says organizer Elizabeth Weiland. She decided to organize the event as a way to meet others with similar interests in science, engineering and problem-solving. Such fairs have become popular across the U.S. As Weiland made the rounds of potential exhibitors and participants for her own, the response astonished her.

Mama Drama: Responding to Rudeness from Other People’s Kids

Dear Mama Drama: I’ve had a few experiences with rude children that have stumped me. I don’t really know how to deal with other people’s kids who are disrespectful. Where is the line? (photo credit) One was a teenager who had parked across three parking spaces in our church parking lot. I politely asked him to move his car but he gave me lip and refused. Imagine how mortified he was when he learned our religion classes were combining that day and he had to sit through my lesson. Another was a student in my daughter’s second grade class who was being really mean to her about something she didn’t agree with. Fine. But then this girl started going off on ME! I couldn’t believe she’d dare to do it to an adult. ~Disbelieving Mama

Don’t miss Children’s Hospital Colorado’s presidential debate party for teens!

The first presidential debate of 2012 will take place right here in Denver—at the University of Denver—on Wednesday, Oct. 3. To celebrate the occasion, Children’s Hospital Colorado will host a presidential debate watch party—designed specially for teens! The evening will also include games before and during the debate, along with plenty of food and refreshments. Specific details are included below. Who: Teens and their parents, teachers, mentors, etc. Teens under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Mama Drama: Anniversary Advice Round Up

Mama Drama is celebrating two years with Mile High Mamas!! We’ve rounded up all of the drama Lisa has covered during that time into a variety of categories to make it easier for you to find that special nugget of information or advice you need. Keep the questions coming ([email protected]) and remember that we all have our share of Mama Drama, so contribute your advice, ideas, and tried and true strategies as we support each other through the journey of motherhood in this fabulous community of moms. Be sure to bookmark this page for easy access and share it with all your mommy friends! Developmental issues: Articulation Angst – When to worry about speech concerns.

Mama Drama: Tween Tension

Dear Mama Drama: My twelve-year-old son and I have a very close relationship. He has always been able to talk with me easily and we enjoy spending time together. In public he has always liked to walk with me and usually stands near me in a group. Recently I have noticed him pulling away from me when he is around his friends. He includes me in conversation less, walks ahead of me rather than with me and seems to intentionally stand as far away from me as he can in a group. I’m confused by his behavior and am not sure how to approach him about it. We haven’t had any arguments or difficulties, so this change feels concerning. The other odd part of it all is that he continues to be very loving and cuddly with me at