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Device Vice? A panel discussion you won’t want to miss…

Five more minutes. It’s all I need to wrap up that last thing I’m working on. Publish and…ugh, ok, just five more.

As a woman – and mom – both working and continuing my education in the field of technology, I find it difficult to strike a healthy balance between my relationships and the world behind the screens of the many devices filling – often flooding – our homes in this digital age. I absolutely love the fact that I can learn new tricks and tips from my small digital natives, but I do find it challenging to pull everyone away and achieve true, quality (device not included) family time.

So, when I saw that Douglas County Library was hosting a panel discussion on navigating family through an increasingly technologized world, I knew I had to attend. This series will include distinguished guests discussing pop culture, buzz topics and vital concerns – all on the dynamics of technology as it relates to families, daily lives, relationships and our futures.

If you’d like to attend: