Summer Fun With Giant Bubble Recipe!

Bubbles and summer go hand in hand. On a warm summer evening, my daughters and I love to head outside for bubble play. Bubbles are good, clean fun but do you know the science behind the bubble? The lifespan of an average bubble is mere seconds, but there is a way to extend the life of a bubble. All you need is a few secret ingredients and you’re on your way to being a real bubbleologist. Super Bubble Recipe – 1 cup Distilled water – 2 tbsp Dawn® dish soap – 1 tbsp glycerin – Pair of cotton gloves – Bubble wand or pipette A little about the ingredients – Water is the single most important part of the bubble solution. Good quality water that does not contain high levels of iron or minerals is best. If you’re uncertain as to the quality of your tap wa...

How can I navigate summer break boredom vs. overscheduling?

Dear Mama Drama: My kids are getting out for the summer and I’m dreading the constant running them here and there and that I’m never able to get anything done. If I don’t schlep them to play dates or other activities they complain that they’re bored. I feel exhausted after these crazy days and then end up staying up late to get the things I need done completed. (photo credit) I’d like a different summer experience this year. Any help you can offer would be great! ~Dreading Mama Dear Dreading: A change of pace sounds like it is definitely in order for your family this summer. Finding a balance between activities and down time is critical to create an enjoyable experience for all – including you! Are you doing too much? Start by looking at the activities you have the kids signed up for. Is i...

Postcards to Denver from a 10-Year-Old and His Mom

From western New York: “The farm has ten chickens and two bunny rabbits. My chicken’s name is Geraldine. The rabbits are Sam and Matilda. I miss our dog. She would have so much fun here, but we were worried she would eat the chickens.” “I forgot what it feels like to stay in bed long enough to listen to the birds, watch the sun move across the room and let my muscles stretch awake one at a time.” From Snowmass, Colorado: “Mom and Dad made us go on a hike. Why does anybody like hiking? You go up and up and up, and they keep saying it’s beautiful, which… who cares?! Then mom counts her mosquito bites. It would be more fun if we could bring the dog.” From Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado:

Events: Cultimate Festival, Heroes Against Hunger and More!

Heroes Against Hunger Summer Block Party. Help fight child hunger On Saturday, August 17th from noon-5 p.m. at the University of Denver Campus Green. Admission is FREE and kids can enjoy carnival games, a bounce castle, and great food, which will cost less than $4. Currently, one in five kids in Colorado struggles with hunger. Chefs Daniel Asher of Linger, Brandon Foster of Vesta Dipping Grill, Jeff Osaka of Twelve, Matt Selby of Corner House and Tyler Wiard of Elway’s will join Cummings to create and serve their favorite dishes. Local farmers, Denver Urban Gardens, MM Local, Source Local Foods, and Whole Foods will set up a farmers market to show off local produce. Community organizations like Cooking Matters Colorado, Produce for Pantries, and Slow Food will give cooking demonstrations. ...

Deals of the week: It’s summer clearance time

End-of-season fashion can be tricky. On the one hand, you’re ready to move on to fall trends. On the other, you’re not ready for the temps to nose-dive. Here’s one thing that’s easy: shopping the late-summer sales. Whether you’re looking for bargains for the kids, a half-off pair of designer jeans or fitness wear that will work year-round, with these deals of the week, there’s probably a sale for you. Those fall boots? They can wait a while longer. Gap Outlet discount: For one week, starting July 31, grab an extra 40 percent off all kids items at Gap Outlet — including those on clearance. Plus, print this coupon for an additional 15 percent off your purchase of $75 or more, through Aug. 11. Back to school shopping, anyone?

10 Denver Hot Spots to Cool Off

Summer is in full-swing! BBQs, campfires, day camps, longer days, sunburns and crazy heat are all part of Colorado summers.  It’s wonderful having the kids around, but no matter the age, hot weather affects us all and usually not for the better. : ) With the kids home from school, keeping them occupied, happy and cool can get difficult unless you have a plan. Often we forget to look in our own “backyard” for relief during the heat! Break out of your routine and try these local spots to keep kids occupied and cool! Air-Conditioned Options:

Agua fresca recipes create refreshing Mexican-style drinks to quench kids’ summer thirst

Few drinks offer as refreshing and delicious a way to quench your thirst on a summer day as a cold agua fresca. The nonalcoholic drinks, rooted in Mexico — agua fresca is Spanish for “fresh water” — are typically made with puréed fruit. Traditionally the ingredients are ground by hand, but these days, most people opt to use a blender. Fruit options are almost limitless. (Some aguas frescas, including horchata, use grains, such as rice.) If you can find it at your grocery store or farmers market, you’re in business: watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydews, strawberries, tamarind, peaches, pineapples, mango, papaya and cucumbers are popular choices. While these drinks are wonderful right out of the blender, making them a few hours in advance allows the flavors to intensify and th...

Quiz: What Color Should You Paint Your Toes?

Summer sandal season is here! Not only is it time to shave your thighs instead of just your calves, it’s time to take nail color seriously. Your tootsies can’t hide in boots or in fuzzy slippers. Let those protective layers of hardened keratin shine! But what color should you paint your toenails? This is a difficult question we must all answer. With hundreds of colors to choose from, it can be a daunting decision. Here’s help. 1. You recently dropped a frozen pork roast on your foot, resulting in severe bruising. It reminds you of: a. A sunrise over a tropical ocean b. Kermit the Frog c. A Goth’s tender smile

7 Summer Learning Apps for Your PC

If you’re sick of trekking down to Best Buy every few weeks so your kids can pick out a $20 CD ROM learning game they’ll be sick of in a week, Intel has the cure for your time and money woes. If you use the family computer as a learning tool over the summer months and want to save money on educational programs, you need to check out Intel AppUp. If your computer runs on a recent version of Windows, you can download the Intel AppUp App store and get to loading up your family computer with useful apps today. Don’t let the word “app” fool you – these are fully functional computer programs. And thousands are available within a matter of minutes (and pennies). Below I’ve listed some of the best educational picks of recent weeks and the words the develop...

Quiz: How to Tell if your Garden Gnome was Stolen or Ran Away

Answer the following as honestly as possible. Choose A or B as you think about life before he went missing. 1. When backing out of your driveway in recent weeks or months, you’d notice your Gnome... a. Silent and still, but you knew he was thinking, “Goodbye, Friends!” b. Stubbornly avoiding eye contact 2. Have there been any surprise financial shortfalls lately? a. No, everything appears to be in order

11 things to do on a hot summer day

How to stay cool in the midst of a 90+ degree hot spell? Here are some chillin' ideas.

This summer, bring back the art of the fort

Building a fort with my kids takes me down my own memory lane of summers in the 1970s. Maybe you can relate.

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