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Keeping the Learning Going – Summer Sun Science – ENTER TO WIN!

School is out, the sun is blazing and the kids are singing their favorite song “I’m bored.”

I heard this familiar tune the very first day of summer vacation.

How are you going to keep them busy for more than two months? How will you keep their mind active, engaged and learning? With science activities of course!

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With the sun being a major part of summer, why don’t you explore the science of the sun?

An easy, first project can be to design a solar oven to cook hotdogs and roast marshmallows. Explore different designs and materials for the solar oven. A good place to start is a cardboard box and some aluminum foil. The kids can get really creative in searching around the house to find oven materials, sketch out their designs and then build.

The best part of the oven is the cooking and eating. My girls like to make s’mores in their solar oven