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5 Must-Have Music and Ambiance Apps to Beat the Summer Heat

We all have our own ways of beating the heat (popsicles, dips in the pool, air conditioning on full blast, ice baths, etc. A fun way to add to the “cooling off” sessions is to add some music or audio entertainment to the mix – anything to distract our brains from dwelling on the sweaty misery!

If you have a smartphone, music is just a tap away. Why not put your smartphone to good use and add these great musical apps to your collection this summer.

Spotify (free) by Spotify Ltd is an app I find myself using multiple times a day. Spotify is like Netflix for music (only with a much bigger selection). Stream music over wifi for free (with commercial breaks), or pay $9.99 a month to download as much music as you wish to your phone for easy on-the-go playback. While the fee may sound a bit hefty, if you’re a music fanatic, it’s worth it. I find myself downloading entire albums regularly and truly do end up saving lots of money using the service. Not to mention, my kids love that they can hear Laurie Berkner (or whoever their current favorite artist is) wherever we go! Find it on the Android Market as well!