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Adventures in Lost Canyon With Captain Zipline

Ever wondered what it would be like to soar through the Colorado canyons - majestic sights from a birds-eye point of view - the ground below looming hundreds of feet beneath your toes? How about the exhilaration of leaping from one cliff edge to return safely to the other side?

Summer Science Fun with Sun Print Fabric – WIN Your Own Packet

**CONTEST CLOSED. CONGRATS TO WINNER MARIANNE TOURON!** Summer is the perfect time to get outside and do a little science.  There are so many experiments and projects to do with sun, dirt, bugs, rocks and more. Catching butterflies, watching worms, picking up polies, scouring for shells, studying rocks are all some of the simple pleasures of summer. I especially love experimenting with the power of the sun. From cooking a cake (trying) in my first solar oven in 3rd grade Girl Scouts, I have loved trying to find new ways to harness the sunlight. There are so many fun experiments to do with the sun, but I’ve recently discovered one of my all-time favorite activities for summer – Sun Sensitive Fabric. We all made nature designs on Sun Print or Sun Sensitive Paper in our youth. It’s still a ve...