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The Power of the Sundial

Claire and I enjoy going to Standley Lake Library.  It’s one of our favorite libraries on our list.  We’ve gone there for StoryTimes and for the Summer Reading Program. In the past, I may or may not have gone there to use the computer when I had a self-induced panic attack over my internet connection.

Recently, as we were leaving the building, something caught Claire’s eye.

The Number Three“Look, Momma! There are three lines on this block!” Claire said.

“There are?” I said. I hadn’t noticed. She had, because she has been enthralled with numbers and counting things for a while. Three is one of her favorite numbers right now.

We went over to check it out. Sure enough, there were the three tall lines of the Roman Numeral Three on the block. I explained to Claire that it was the number three, and we counted the lines out loud. She thought it was really cool.

Then, I looked around. There wasn’t just the Roman Numeral Three, there were other numbers, on other blocks, and they formed a circle.

Wait a minute…

SundialThis wasn’t just a statue. This was a sundial!

I love sundials. There is something magical about capturing the shadows made by the sun and using them to tell time. There is something very ancient about the practice, and I feel closer to nature and the past when in the presence of a sundial.

Why hadn’t I noticed this before?