How can I support my toddler during sibling sports?

~With summer sports seasons moving into full swing, this post is a good reminder for families with tag along toddlers. Dear Mama Drama: My husband and I have two older elementary and middle school age children who are very active in sports throughout the year. I also have a toddler who gets to tag along to all of their activities. Sometimes my little one does well and other times he really struggles and has big meltdowns. He gets tired and cranky, wants to be picked up or taken home, whines and throws fits, and the games and practices often interrupt his dinner and bedtime. I try to be flexible, but am often exhausted trying to entertain him and still support the older two. I need help juggling all of this, but don’t know where to turn. Any ideas? ~ Stumped Mama (photo credit) Dear Stumped...

Best-kept Secret in Colorado Kids’ Sports

Over the years we've become used to the crowds of parents and family members gathered to watch their kids play. We've learned what to expect out of a kids' game or meet and had our "been there, done that" mentality firmly entrenched. But then everything changed.

How The NCAA Women’s Final Four Made Me A Basketball Fan

I am not really a “sporty” person. I played softball for one year, and mostly sat the bench. We do enjoy going out to sporting events, but – honestly – a lot of that is for the “going out” part of the equation. The crowd, the excitement, the yelling, the beer. Emphasis on beer. Well, there was no beer at the college semi-finals in Denver Sunday night (emphasis on college), but there was A LOT of excitement and yelling. We saw both games of the Women’s Final Four: UConn vs. Notre Dame and Baylor vs. Stanford. I have been to the Pepsi Center for plenty of events, including Avalanche and Nuggets games – but I have never heard it that LOUD.

Mama Drama: Competition Quakes

Dear Mama Drama: My daughter, age 8, signed up for a team sport this summer. We counseled her about the level of commitment it would take and were assured that she was up to it, even eager for it. My daughter enjoys the practices but gets too nervous for the competitions! The first week she did it, but it took a lot of cajoling. She did feel good about it at the end. But the second week, no amount of cajoling would get her onto the field. What are your ideas on handling her commitment? If she quits mid-season, should we make her responsible for some of the fees we paid? How do we help her to have a stake in this, without it being seen as punishment? ~ Questionning Commitment (photo credit) Dear Questioning: Your daughter’s eagerness to join the team and actively engage in practices shows t...