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What I Did This Summer to Earn the Title Best! Mom! Ever!

If you want to be a cool mom during the summer, you don’t need to allow your son to light Roman Candles in the cul-de-sac. You don’t need to negotiate bikini styles with your daughter. All you need to do is sign up your child for Sports Authority’s Football Field Day, which was held for the first time recently here in the Mile High City.

Summer Family Fun with The Denver Outlaws

Denver is rich in major league sports teams. The list of legendary names come straight out of a fourth-grade Colorado history curriculum text: Avalanches are common in the Rockies, which are littered with gold Nuggets nestled under river Rapids. Wild Broncos run free. It’s the Wild West, and it wouldn’t be complete without a few Outlaws.

The Denver Outlaws are a Major League Lacrosse team. Since 2006, when they joined the league, they’ve been entertaining crowds with the fast-paced game that is growing in popularity. Our own Outlaws are currently undefeated and in first place in the MLL. A Denver Outlaws game is a great way to treat your family to a major league sporting experience without breaking your piggy bank. Families can have all the fun of being in a major stadium with jumbo screens, flashing lights, music, cheerleaders, and camaraderie at a fraction of other major league ticket prices.

toddleroutlawOn a recent Saturday night, we took our nine kids to watch The Denver Outlaws game at Sports Authority Field. It marked our first experience watching a lacrosse game, which was somewhat intimidating. Before the match, we brushed up on the rules so we would have a basic understanding of what was going on down on the field. I knew there would be sticks with nets and a teeny ball. Thankfully, it’s simple to understand. There are four 15-minute quarters with a halftime. It’s very fast-paced with near constant action, which makes it exciting to watch. I don’t know how the players kept track of the little orange ball as it flew around the field at a high rate of speed. That’s why they’re pros and I’m the mom in the stands with a baby on one knee and a toddler on the other.

Our little ones were bored and frustrated by having to sit for so long. While it is fast-paced, it’s a long time to entertain little ones. Stix, the Outlaw’s cheeky raccoon mascot (who does a mean Flashdance routine) was the highlight of my little boys’ night. If only Stix could change diapers…