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Denver’s First Snowfall Brings Varied Reactions (What Was Yours?)

On November 11, my family awoke to a momentous occasion: the first snowfall of the season. Both of my children squealed with glee and danced around in celebration.

And then tried to use the snow to their advantage.

Six-year-old Haddie begged me to drive her to school. I told her she’d be standing at the bus stop in far worse conditions than that this winter.

Tough-love is my version of a pep talk.

Bode tried to declare it a “Snow Day” and stay home from preschool because that .000005-inch of snow will wreak havoc every time.

Well, maybe if you’re woosies and live in Texas where the entire state is halted at the sign of a snowflake.

I should know. We got stuck in Dallas on our way back from our Costa Rica honeymoon for that very reason.

Being raised in Canada, I love love love love the snow. I hate hate hate the heat. So even though my husband Jamie and I were sailing on the Norwegian Epic the next day, the timing could not have been worse because I was finally getting weather I love in Denver.

But I was willing to make the