Mama Drama: Calming Sibling Competition

Dear Mama Drama, I recently took my 6 and 8 year old daughters to a pumpkin carving contest. It is a wonderful family event that focuses more on community than competition, but the pumpkins are judged at the end and there are winners. My 6 year old won and my 8 year old did not.  At first, the 8 year old was very supportive of her sister, but then as things wound down she started crying.  When we finally got to the root of the problem, it ended up that she was upset that she had given her sister ideas and that her sister had won and she didn’t.   (photo credit) This sibling competition expresses itself frequently in negative ways in our family and I am unsure how to react or what to do about it.  Growing up most of my life as an only child (I acquired step-brothers as a pre-teen), I ...

How can I support my toddler during sibling sports?

~With summer sports seasons moving into full swing, this post is a good reminder for families with tag along toddlers. Dear Mama Drama: My husband and I have two older elementary and middle school age children who are very active in sports throughout the year. I also have a toddler who gets to tag along to all of their activities. Sometimes my little one does well and other times he really struggles and has big meltdowns. He gets tired and cranky, wants to be picked up or taken home, whines and throws fits, and the games and practices often interrupt his dinner and bedtime. I try to be flexible, but am often exhausted trying to entertain him and still support the older two. I need help juggling all of this, but don’t know where to turn. Any ideas? ~ Stumped Mama (photo credit) Dear Stumped...

Mama Drama: Staying Sane Parenting the Spitfire and the Saint

Dear Mama Drama: I have two great kids. One is the model son who is sweet, obedient and tries to do what is right. His older sister is a fun spitfire who frequently gets in trouble for antagonizing her little brother or not listening. The other day when I was reprimanding her, she accused me of not loving her as much because I always side with him. Though I try to be a loving mom, I can see how she’d feel that way because he rarely gets in trouble. How do I teach her certain behaviors aren’t acceptable but also show my love? I also don’t want her to resent her “perfect” little brother. ~Misunderstood  Mama  (photo credit) Dear Misunderstood: It can be challenging to find balance in our interactions with our kids. Siblings often think we should treat them the s...

Mama Drama: Stop Refereeing and Turn Your Kids into Solution Finders

Dear Mama Drama: I have two boys ages 4 and 7. They struggle to solve problems between themselves when they are playing and my husband and I often feel like referees. I’d like them to be able to handle play situations better, but am not sure where to start. Help! ~Stumped Mama

A musical holiday card for all Mile High Mamas

To continue our annual tradition we offer again this vlog (video blog). To: All Mile High Mamas everywhere From: Three Mile High Mama sisters with very expressive eyebrows RE: Holiday wishes Happy and peaceful holiday wishes from me and mine to you and yours.

Mama Drama: Rampant Rudeness

Dear Mama Drama~ I am struggling with my daughter who is almost 4 saying mean things to her parents and her younger brother. When she is tired, hungry, irritated or just not in control, she says many mean things. For example: I don’t like you. You are not a good brother. You are not the boss; I am the boss. I never like you. I know this is not truly how she feels, but I don’t know what to say back to her to take the power out of her words. Her little brother gets sad when she is mean to him, so he’s crying and I’m in a fit hearing her use these words. What do you say back to these mean words? Telling her that is not something we say is ineffective. Trying to be nice, Mommy in Erie (photo credit) Dear Mommy in Erie: I can hear your heart breaking as you struggle with...

Mama Drama: Anniversary Advice Round Up

Mama Drama is celebrating two years with Mile High Mamas!! We’ve rounded up all of the drama Lisa has covered during that time into a variety of categories to make it easier for you to find that special nugget of information or advice you need. Keep the questions coming ([email protected]) and remember that we all have our share of Mama Drama, so contribute your advice, ideas, and tried and true strategies as we support each other through the journey of motherhood in this fabulous community of moms. Be sure to bookmark this page for easy access and share it with all your mommy friends! Developmental issues: Articulation Angst – When to worry about speech concerns.

All’s fair in love and siblings

Our family's last visit to my mother-in-law's summer cottage ends in a story where one of my children throws the other under a proverbial bus.

Three part peace

To:  You From:  Three sisters RE:  Holiday wishes Happy and peaceful holiday wishes from me and mine to you and yours. Tami, Lori, Sheri

Mama Drama: Sibling Sarcasm

Dear Mama Drama: My sons have recently been very rude and sarcastic with each other. They are frequently putting each other down or making what I consider unnecessary negative comments about something the other one is sharing. They even do this thing where they say, “I don’t mean to offend you, but…” and they finish with something really offensive! Do you have any ideas to help them speak more respectfully to each other? ~  Offended Mama (Photo credit) Dear Offended: Bickering, sarcasm, and put downs are easy habits to get into between siblings, but with support, modeling, and reinforcement they can be replaced with more positive speech. The first step is to take a look at how you as parents are talking to your children. I’m not blaming you for their behavior, but since we are the only one...

Mama Drama: Sibling Birthday Blues

Dear Mama Drama: I have two girls who are three years apart in age. My oldest daughter who is nine has a really difficult time handling it when it is her younger sister’s birthday. She is always excited about the party and getting her sister a present, but when the day arrives she loses it. She interrupts, makes rude comments, tries to take over opening presents, and becomes obnoxious trying everything she can to pull the attention away from her sister and onto herself. Last year we talked about it before the party and she seemed allright, but she could not seem to handle it in the moment. Every year she ends up making her sister cry and being removed from the festivities. My husband and I are so exasperated that we are contemplating not having her be part of her sister’s upcoming party th...

Mama Drama: Hair Raising Reading

Dear Mama Drama: I have three daughters ages 13, 11, and 8. They are all avid readers and generally read well above their age level. My eight year old wants to read whatever her sisters are reading, but as they get into their teens I am not always comfortable with the content. When there is sexual content or violence, my eight-year-old is often confused, scared, and has had nightmares, especially after reading some of the vampire books. The girls think it isn’t a big deal, but I do.  I am not sure how to handle this with them. ~ Raising Readers (photo credit) Dear Raising: Your concerns about your youngest daughter’s reading material are valid. The themes in books for teens and tweens focus on different experiences and thinking processes than books for younger children. It can be difficult...

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