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Mama Drama: Preventing Sexual Abuse

Dear Mama Drama: With the recent news about sexual abuse at Penn State, I’m concerned about my own children’s safety. How do I talk to them about staying safe without scaring them? What precautions should I be taking when they are with other people to ensure they are not put in risky situations? ~Concerned Mama (photo credit) Dear Concerned: The tragic situation at Penn State is a good reminder to all of us that we need to have regular conversations with our children about safe touch. While these are not easy conversations, they are essential to keeping our kids safe. In August our Mile High Mamas intern, Nicole, wrote an informative piece about talking with kids about sexual abuse and safe touch. Click here to read it. The key points remind us to talk about our bodies naturally, teach chi...

Boulder journalist hopes her book helps end sex abuse of children

Tracy Ross hopes her third child, due in August, will be the daughter to whom she can give all the things her parents didn’t give her — empathy, validation and safety. “I want a little girl because I can teach her how to be an empowered person that will stand up for others,” says the Boulder journalist, whose book, The Source of All Things: A Memoir, is the wellspring of her renewed confidence as a woman and mother. The book hit stores this week. It chronicles Ross’ harrowing tale of recovery in the wake of childhood sexual abuse, confronting the stepfather who abused her from ages 8 to 14 and forgiving the mother who didn’t believe her. Ross wants her