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Mama Drama: Separation Anxiety Blues

Dear Mama Drama: My daughter just started preschool and cries and clings to me every time I take her. This is her first experience away from me. What can I do to help her adjust? ~Struggling to Separate (photo credit) Dear Struggling: Leaving your child when they are crying and scared is one of the most heart wrenching experiences a parent can have. The multitude of emotions you experience can be overwhelming. Heading off to school for the first time can also be a scary experience for many children. If they have never been left anywhere like school or day care previously, they have no idea what to expect. Common fears for first time preschoolers are that mom or dad won’t come back, no one will play with them, and they don’t know what to do if they have to go to the bathroom. Many young chi...

Mama Drama: Water Worries and Siblings~Friends or Enemies?

Dear Mama Drama: My three year old has been taking swimming lessons every week for the past year. Since he transitioned from mom and baby classes he has struggled with separation anxiety. Even though I’m right near the side of the pool, he screams and cries. We have tried having me outside of the pool area and that was even worse. Some people have suggested I use a tough love approach, but I’m not comfortable with that. How can I help him adjust? ~Swimming for answers Dear Swimming: Many children struggle with separating from their parents, especially in situations where they may feel uncertain or unsafe. While your son has been swimming for a while, it sounds like he doesn’t feel safe in the water on his own. It may be more of an anxiety about the water than separating from you.