How Will My Negative Self-Talk Impact My Son’s Self-Esteem?

Recently I posted on my blog my attempt at putting a stop to self-loathing and negative self-talk. I shared that I wanted to do this now more than ever because I have a daughter. It wasn’t until a few days later (because I’m quick like that) that it donned on me… What about my son?!? Why didn’t I think of him? For as long as I can remember I’ve struggled with self-esteem and body image issues. I spent far too much time and energy feeling bad about myself instead of just living my life comfortable in my own skin. It has taken a great deal of growing up, the love and endless support of a wonderful man, a healthy dose of therapy, and two beautiful babies, for me to start coming around.

Mama Drama: Monkey See, Monkey Do

Dear Mama Drama: I have a question about my granddaughter who just turned five.  She literally copies every thing that every one of her friends or cousins does (Monkey See, Monkey Do).  She even copies things that other kids do even when she knows it is wrong!  We wonder that if one of her friends jumped off a bridge if she would do it too.  We all keep asking her why she does this and reminding her that she is a unique person with a terrific personality all by herself and doesn’t need to copy any one else.  We are very concerned and are wondering if you have any tips and advice that you can offer. Thank you, ~Concerned Grandma (photo credit) Dear Concerned: Imitation is the primary form of learning young children use to acquire new skills and understandings. They imitate adults, pee...