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Picture Day Sticker Shock

Back when I was in Elementary School, Picture Day came once a year. It was the one day a year when it really mattered that your hair was combed, and your clothes were clean and straight, and that you didn’t fall down on the playground at recess.

(Here is my 1979-80 Kindergarten Photo, both the class group photo and the single shot of little JoAnn as a Kindergartner.)

Unlike my own daughter, I hated wearing dresses to school, but I had to on Picture Day. My mom made me do it. If I was good, sat still, and smiled like a good little girl, I got to keep the little fine-tooth comb with the Photography Studio’s name imprinted on it.

Something tells me everyone got to keep the little comb, but it did the trick. The Picture Torture Session was over in a flash (pun totally intended), and then we had to wait an eternity to see if our goofy grins had been captured on film.

Even after all these years, that little black comb with the gold writing is the thing I remember most about Picture Day. It almost made wearing that silly dress worth it.

So, when Claire started at a local preschool that was part of our county school district, I wasn’t too shocked that they do School Photos. I was shocked by the price of the packages, but I just chalked it up to inflation. Plus, I was able to justify the cost in my head, because Picture Day happens only once a year…right?