How to Answer ‘Is Santa Real?’

Dear Mama Drama: Do you have suggestions for the “Is Santa real” question?  My eight-year-old asked me very directly if we did the presents and I feel like I need a better response than just running out of the room (which is what I did).  He later asked my husband the same question. I feel like we have to tell him.  Yet, he seems to still want to believe, as he still talks about writing a note for Santa and leaving cookies out. The other wrinkle is that his older sister, whose role model may be Peter Pan, still believes in Santa.  If we tell him, we have to tell her. ~Panicked Mama p.s.  The cute story:  he recently said, “I believe in Santa because good parents would NEVER get their children that many presents.”

Should the Nativity Scene be in Question?

In a recent survey by Poll Position, it was found that nine out of ten Americans believe Nativity Scenes should be permitted in people’s yards for the Holiday Season. This poll was interesting to me for several reasons, but one most apparent was the blatant absurdity of such question. Our country has gone to great lengths and made hefty sacrifices to protect our religious freedoms…but what boggles my mind most is that someone would spend time and money surveying the people’s opinion on sanctioning Nativity Scenes when we have embraced a mysterious jolly, plump man in a fuzzy red suit as an icon for our Christmas holiday.   Dear Santa,   It’s not that I don’t think you are a great way to spark a child’s imagination or give hope to those in need. It’s not that I’m offended by your love...

Volunteer Santa Available for Special Needs Kids & Give Back With Operation Santa

John Shager has been a Santa for 32 years and is well acquainted with the long lines and drama associated with the man in red. He is also a four-year cancer survivor. In an effort to give back, he is volunteering his services for FREE and is willing to visit any group of families of children with autism or special needs who need extra time to discover Santa. Photographers are available but John’s intent is to offer an experience where families can take their own pictures and have a non-rushed visit with Santa without the lines. John’s primary goal is to be a volunteer Santa to