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Keeping Our Kids Safe Online – From Others And Themselves

As parents, we all care about our children. But protecting them in the digital age we now live in can be a challenge.

A few years back, I was interviewing prospective students for a university with which I’m affiliated. The kids I met seemed bright, respected and eager to learn. I was prepared to accept them into an educational program that helps produce leaders. That’s why I was so troubled when I performed a random Google search of their names later. What I found was shocking: everything from drunken photos to inappropriate communication amongst their friends. That was my “aha” moment, as Oprah would say. I realized that there was a real need for someone…or something… to help these kids (and their parents) understand that the Internet is just like a bathroom wall full of graffiti, only this wall is permanent.

As I began to research this concept, I found more worrying issues that face our kids on a daily basis. What you and I may remember as “school bullying” has ballooned into an unthinkable problem that is technologically-driven: cyber-bullying. Kids suffer public humiliation like never