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50+ Resources for Teaching Kids to Properly and Safely Use the Internet

Technology has become a ubiquitous part of our children’s world.  As the founder of Anastasis Academy, a 1:1 iPad school in Centennial, I’ve learned the importance of guiding children in proper use of technology.  Internet safety and digital literacy must be taught very intentionally both at school and at home.  Much of digital literacy echoes good safety practices in “real” life.
As you guide your children through proper Internet use, be sure to help them recognize the offline safety equivalent.  Below are our favorite resources to use with kids from kindergarten through Junior High broken down by safety topic.

Online Identity

Children tend to assume that if something is online, it must be true.  This is especially true of people they “meet” online.  Students believe that anyone on a social network, blog comments, forum, etc. are who they say they are.  It is important to help students understand that not everything and everyone online is what they seem.

Elementary:  Faux Paw the Techno Cat: Adventures in the Internet