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How to Have a Fantastic Road Trip, Even with Kids!

Warmer breezes are blowing. The sun is lingering longer before slipping behind the mountains. Far off locales are tempting us with their siren songs, and even the places in our own backyard are whispering promises of a much-needed retreat.

The summer travel season is almost here!

Last year, we decided to take advantage of the last bit of the “off-season” as we could, and we took a 12-day road trip in May out to California via The Grand Canyon and back! We explored a mountain hot springs, the desert, some beaches, a theme park, a world-renowned zoo, bustling cities and quiet little mountain towns. We relaxed, hiked, camped, strolled, played and “picked shells” to our hearts’ content. Our trip was a fabulous success, sprinkled with just the right amount of challenges, and it was just what we needed to renew and recharge. We were filled to the brim with stories of our adventures and photos to share.

This year, our yearly road trip went in the opposite direction, as we headed back to the Midwest to visit relatives for a week.

Sometimes the destination is only part of the fun, and the journey from Point A to Point B can be just as exciting. When that’s the case, it’s best to skip the plane and hit the road.

Road trip!

If you haven’t figured it out already, we love to road trip. We wouldn’t have attempted The Great 12-Day Road Trip if we didn’t. Both my husband and I road trip well, and we always have. When the scenery is new, we don’t dread the drive, and that attitude has rubbed off on our daughter, Claire. She road trips well, too. We are lucky, and we know this.

We go on one or two road trips a year, and we’ve honed our skills. We’ve altered our approach over the years to accommodate our preschooler and the various challenges that arise. So, what are some tricks and tips to a tip-top trip?

Here are some of our favorites!