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Mama’s Night Out with Water2Wine and the Red Cross (Plus a Discount)

On Thursday, Mile High Mamas congregated at Water2Wine–“The Ultimate Wine Experience.”

Not familiar with the concept? Think “Build-a-Bear” for grown-ups. But without the stuffing.

Located in Centennial, this winery is an actual wine-making operation. The process is simple: choose your grapes (brought in from the finest vineyards from all over the world), process them, let them age and then come back 45 days later to bottle up your wine and make your own personalized label.

Or, if you’re like the Mamas, just have an evening tasting all the various wines (or water for those of us who don’t drink) and socializing.

In keeping with past events, the Mamas know how to have a great time. When you’re talking fermentation, it opens up a can of worms for discussion topics. including the sordid details of lice and television medical dramas like Melissa’s comment:

“I could totally do a tracheotomy just from watching ‘House.'”

Enlightening to say the least. And yes, alcohol may have been involved.

Mile High Mamas partnered with charity-driven Mom It Forward and the