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Keep your kids reading over the summer

Get your kids reading this summer! As a teacher, mom, and book nerd, I’m always reading something – for me or for someone slightly younger. Click here for my recommendations by age and topic.

My favorite “get your child to read trick” is (drum roll please . . . ) let them read in bed. Make it easy and fun by giving them a headlamp! Even my four year old “reads” in bed.

Don’t forget to sign your kids up for your library’s Summer Reading Programs. They’ll earn prizes and a free book!

Reading builds brain cells, develops imagination and gives kids an activity. (Subsequently giving tired parents a break. . .) It’s win-win.

If you need some grown-up book suggestions for yourself – email me or friend me on Goodreads. (Told you I was a book nerd.)

Barnes and Noble has a summer reading program.


If you’re in Colorado, here are the links to many library programs.

Denver Public Library

Douglas County Library

Arapahoe Library

Aurora Library

Boulder Public Library


Pikes Peak Library District