Funny Quiz: Are You Honoring Your New Year’s Resolutions?

1. You vowed to give up sugar. While taking this quiz, you will jot down your answers with: a. A pencil b. You’ll remember your answers c. Your finger dipped in chocolate syrup 2. In 2013, you were going to start running. How many times have you laced up your shoes and gone? a. Huh? I’m licking my score sheet. b. Over ten and it’s only January 15th. c. More than once. 3. You vowed to quit a bad habit cold turkey. Have you slipped-up? Which statement applies?

Quiz: What Kind of School Parent are You?

Your kids are back in school! Take a few moments to consider where you fall in the big spectrum of parents. What kind of school parent are you? 1. There’s a “Join the PTA” banner on a table at school registration. You… a) Use the fire exit to avoid making eye contact. Why can’t they do it all online? b) Pick up a few information sheets and perhaps sign up to help with a class party or two. c) Admire the banner. You made it. Look at those full color brochures. You made them. In fact, you are the one sitting behind the table, which you made. 2. It’s time for the first class party!

Quiz: What Color Should You Paint Your Toes?

Summer sandal season is here! Not only is it time to shave your thighs instead of just your calves, it’s time to take nail color seriously. Your tootsies can’t hide in boots or in fuzzy slippers. Let those protective layers of hardened keratin shine! But what color should you paint your toenails? This is a difficult question we must all answer. With hundreds of colors to choose from, it can be a daunting decision. Here’s help. 1. You recently dropped a frozen pork roast on your foot, resulting in severe bruising. It reminds you of: a. A sunrise over a tropical ocean b. Kermit the Frog c. A Goth’s tender smile