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Quiz: What Kind of School Parent are You?

Your kids are back in school! Take a few moments to consider where you fall in the big spectrum of parents. What kind of school parent are you?

1. There’s a “Join the PTA” banner on a table at school registration. You…

a) Use the fire exit to avoid making eye contact. Why can’t they do it all online?
b) Pick up a few information sheets and perhaps sign up to help with a class party or two.
c) Admire the banner. You made it. Look at those full color brochures. You made them. In fact, you are the one sitting behind the table, which you made.

2. It’s time for the first class party!

How Crafty Are You? Take The Quiz

In the 1970s, moms were macrame and Mod Podge maniacs. In the 80s, papier-mâché made them proud. Today, there is no crafty medium moms aren’t drooling to try. The more picture-worthy, the better. Every minor holiday, movie opening, and observance is suddenly elevated to Christmas Feast status by moms hungry to impart meaning, beauty, and to keep little hands from becoming idle—and her own. Craftiness is next to Godliness—or, it at least gives us the ultimate compliment: Pin-worthiness. But how can you tell if you are a little too devoted to your hot glue gun and sewing machine? Here’s a quiz that will tell you where you land on the scale.

1. Your fingernails are usually:

a. Hand-model worthy.
b. Short, stumpy, sensible, and safe.