pretend play

Take a pretend trip

Take a pretend trip around your house. Find a suitcase your child can pack with all the very important essentials of travel — favorite toys, books, and valuables – obviously, no clothes required. Mom and dad can do that. Use chairs to make your car since your child has just learned to drive. Don’t forget to document this trip with digital (of course) pictures of each destination. When you arrive, write postcards home. Of course, your young traveler will be collecting souvenirs along the way. Don’t forget about that! Imagine all the possibilities. Have a great vacation!

Play Restaurant

You’ll need more than one person for this activity so have your child invite a friend, sister or brother to play restaurant. If you have a play kitchen, this can be played over and over, with the kids doing different jobs. If not, today’s lunch can be the restaurant with you as cook and your child as server. Basic Steps: 1. Create a menu Help your child pick out the food and write up a menu. (Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Apple Slices, Juice, Milk, Cookies, etc.) Young kids can draw or use magazine pictures instead of writing the words. Use a manilla folder if you have one. *Add prices to make it more challenging for older kids. 2. Delegate jobs: server, customer, cook, *cashier for older kids 3. Set up: table, kitchen, notebook and pencil for server. 4. Order, cook, eat, pay. Rep...