How can I navigate my marriage problems with a child in the midst?

Dear Mama Drama: My husband and I have recently been struggling with our relationship. We are going to counseling, but I’m concerned about how the situation and our interactions are impacting our three-year-old son. (Photo Credit) I don’t know how much he understands when things get tense between my husband and I or when one of us needs to leave due to intense feelings. We don’t argue in front of him, but there are times when the tension is thick and I know he can feel it. We are contemplating separating and I am wondering how to talk with him about this if that happens as well as how much to tell him about what is going on. Any advice would be appreciated.

Mama Drama: Positives for Power Struggles

Dear Mama Drama: My four-year-old son has become exceptionally defiant and I am at a loss of how to respond. When I ask him to do something, he tells me no. When I tell him to do it or he will not be able to watch TV or he will lose his toys he isn’t cleaning up, he says he doesn’t care. I have threatened to put his toys in the trash and he tells me that he’ll just buy more when he is a grown up. I am worried that these struggles are causing angry feeling between me and my son all the time. Any ideas you have are appreciated. ~Struggling Mama (photo credit) Dear Struggling: Constant battles with your children take a toll on all of you emotionally. Power struggles can be so exasperating and we often don’t recognize we’re in them until our heels are dug in and our backs are against the wall....