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Funny Pregnancy Cravings: The Good, the Bad and the Very Ugly

In pregnancy, there are two kinds of cravings: the ones you’re willing to indulge, either because they’re healthy or because you’re hormonal and the only thing that will keep you from crying is half a cheesecake. Then there are the unhealthy ones that you try your best to suppress. Sometimes suppressing them feels like you’re wrestling a pack of wild badgers while blindfolded and balancing on a spinning log on Class IV rapids, but you still try.

For me, jalapenos fall into category number one. I am obsessed. Getting a turkey sandwich (pressed on the Panini maker until steaming, of course)? Slice me up a few jalapenos. Ordering a salad? More peppers, please. A turkey burger? My fabulous husband knows to throw a few jalapenos on the grill. Perhaps jalapenos aren’t in the same healthy category as apples or yogurt, but at least I’m not eating a Peanut Buster Parfait every day. I figure a little spice is good for the fetus. It keeps him or her on his little budding toes, and, with any luck, gets the kid ready to love going out for Mexican food.

Have you been to Mad Greens? I’m just a little obsessed. Even before pregnancy, I hit them up once a week. Now, it’s not uncommon for me to visit four days in a row. My current love is a Mad Greens salad, almost any one of them will do, with two scoops of jalapenos. Doesn’t matter if it’s a salad with apples or one with mozzarella, I still want those jalapenos. The people who work behind the counter at Mad Greens know me, and I imagine they’ve started calling me Pepper Girl behind my back. (Note to Mad Greens management: if you’re looking for a spokesperson, I’m your girl. All I need are a few free salads a week, and I’ll keep on talking you up. Just don’t be stingy