Recycled art and found poetry

This is the perfect green activity for a rainy day. Here’s what you do. 1. Get out your recycling. Even better, save really good materials for a few weeks – egg cartons, cardboard boxes, strawberry containers, plastic lids are good. 2. Cut out words from the magazines, advertisements, or newspapers in your recycling. 3. Give the kids the words to arrange into a poem. You might want to try it yourself, it’s fun! (Think artist date a la Julia Cameron.) There are different ways to do found poetry – another way is to look for poetry already written – on the back of a cereal box, in the newspaper – and use entire phrases. More fun, in my opinion, is to take words and arrange, rearrange, and so forth. Create lots of poems, find your favorite and glue onto a background. 4. Decor...

Easy and fun nature poetry, . . . seriously

You don’t believe me, do you? I think the majority of us, me included, hate writing poetry. But, it’s an easy way for kids to write about nature . . . about anything for that matter. Try this and let me know if I’m a big fat liar or not!! (Pick not, pick not!) Write a list of words down the side of your paper of . . . Everything You See Somewhere Like The Park Or The Backyard Then add verbs to all those things. What are those things doing? Grass grows Trees whisper Flowers bathe Voila! You have written a poem! Would you please share? Inspire us with your writing — or your child’s.