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Get the best night’s sleep of your life: Win 1 of 4 natural foam pillows from Essentia (a $199 value!)


I stopped in the brand new Essentia Store in Cherry Creek (250 Fillmore St., Denver, CO (720) 941-6300 – Directions) and was greeted by a very simple store that has pillows, mattresses, and not much else. Mattresses for babies, pets and adults, of course, but just mattresses and pillows.

Essentia is a Canadian-brand that sells organic natural foam mattresses and pillows, so the store was pretty much spot on—not promising items they don’t sell. I heard the information about the brand; the softness factor, the theory behind the creation of this unique mattress, the eco-friendly procedures of the company, OH . . and that a pillow costs $199 and weighs 5 pounds!

I was so intrigued by such a heavy, $200 pillow, I couldn’t wait to test it out. It was in my bed with me by 9:30 pm. By morning, it was already on my husband’s side right under his chin. Each night, I start off with the pillow and he continues to take it once I fall asleep. I suppose it might be worth $400 so you don’t fight it out with the significant other for the pillow, it’s really that nice. Conforms well and offers great neck support.