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Must-Have Photo and Video Apps for Parents

If there is one thing we don’t want to leave undocumented, it is memories with our children. While I have a wonderful DSLR camera, I rarely have it with me when a funny or memorable moment occurs. But I almost always have my iPhone with me. I have captured literally thousands of megabytes worth of sweet memories with our three adventurous little ones on my iPhone and always find myself wanting to add some fun flare to the photos and videos.

Just the other day on the playground my four year old made up a little game involving a slide and a bouncy ball. She soon began running in circles, joyfully shouting, “I won! I won!” I whipped out my iPhone to record the event. She proceeded to walk right up to me and ask, “Mom, where’s my trophy?…I like a big trophy.” It’s the ability to be able to capture funny little moments like this that make me so thankful for technology.